Browser Add-on

Does the add-on work on mobile browers?

Unfortunately, no. The add-on currently only works on the desktop versions of web browsers. Mobile browsers on Android and iOS do not support the concept of add-ons (which is why your favorite ad blocker doesn't work on mobile browsers).

We plan to build apps for Android and iOS, and are currently researching the best ways to deliver a seamless experience across desktop and mobile platforms. Stay tuned for developments!

Why are there no links when I visit a news site?

Try moving the news tolerance slider to show More. It might be a slow news day.

How do I block/unblock social media sites?

Use the Social Media toggle in SWEN settings to turn social media site blocking on or off

How do I block/unblock fake news sites?

Use the Fake News toggle in SWEN settings to turn fake news site blocking on or off

Your Privacy

Does the SWEN browser add-on collect my data?

NO. SWEN does NOT store or sell ANY of your personal or non-personal data. The whole point is to degrease the ad revenue cycle, so we don't sell any data. (Please Donate to us 😀)

Note that any site you visit from a SWEN link will behave exactly as if you visited it without SWEN. So if that site tracks or collects data, that will not change. Since you are actually viewing web pages on the publishers site, you are subject to their site's policies.

Media Bias

Do you favor news from certain sites over others?

No. We Can't. We don't ever access the actual news articles, and we have no way of classifying news sites as right, left, or neutral.

The idea is for you to be able to get your news from the sites you normally visit. Hopefully, a lot less of it!

Can you tell me what is 'Fake News' vs. 'Real'?

No. We Can't. Nobody can. There is no algorithm for truth.

We want to encourage people to consume less news, from the same sources you would normally use. Of course, we encourage you to visit news sites you normally wouldn't as well - SWEN will help you consume less of those too. Here is an excellent article by Mark Manson on "Why You Should Quit the News".

For Publishers

Is SWEN crawling/scraping my site?

NO. SWEN does not crawl or scrape ANY sites.

We collect metadata that is published by the GDELT Project. This data is publicly available for free.

Can I opt out of having SWEN filter my site?

The list of sites SWEN filters is determined by the unique news sites that the GDELT project provides metadata. If your site is visited by the GDELT crawlers, it shows up in the list of global news sites.


How much does this cost?

The browser add-ons are free.

There is no subscription or trial period. Simply install it, and you're good to go.

How do you provide these add-ons for free?

We strongly believe in our purpose of trying to eliminate as much noise from the news as possible. BUT. Writing code, running servers, troubleshooting - all cost money. Currently, we are funding all operating costs out of our own pockets.

Our hope is that we receive enough in donations to keep this going. Thank you for your generous support.

Can I donate to help SWEN?

Yes. Please.