What is SWEN?


Have you ever wondered how there are so many 'free' news sites?

How do these sites make money? What is their product?

YOU are the Product! It's an all out battle for YOUR attention.

The news sucks. It's a constant drumbeat of 'Breaking News' that is neither breaking nor news - it's mostly garbage.

Do we really need an endless stream of drivel about inane celebrities or the day-to-day horse shit that passes for politics? Of course not.

SWEN will help you. Focus only on the most important news around the world.

What is SWEN?

SWEN is the opposite of news. It is a filter for the constant barrage of 'Breaking News!' that is designed to generate ad revenue by using our psychology against us.

With SWEN, you still go to your favorite news sources as you normally would. SWEN looks at a database of global events to determine what news could be considered important based on a consensus of news reporting organizations around the world.

So. Simply go to your favorite news sites, and let the filter do it's thing. You will see a list of links from your news site based on your news tolerance settings. When you click on one of those links, you view the article directly on your news site.

You can use the slider to control how much or how little news you see. Our algorithm gathers news events every fifteen minutes and ranks them based on global importance. The SWEN filter kicks in on most global news sites, and only shows links to articles that match your filter setting.

But Why?

Why do news sites do this? What is the motivation?

They have to ... because ... ADVERTISING → PROFIT !!!

They need a constant 'look at this flashy thing' gimmick so you visit the site often. The more you visit, the more ad revenue they make. It is a self enforcing feedback loop for all the players involved. Except, in this game, only you are the loser. The news site is happy to sell you 'news', and the advertiser is happy to sell you whatever junk they are peddling.

We highly recommend reading this excellent article by Mark Manson on "Why You Should Quit the News".

Our main focus is legitimate news sites, but we also have switches to block Social Media and Fake News sites. These sites provide no social value.